GM Arts MFC Editor v5
For BJ Devices original and Mark II MIDI Foot Controllers


Version 5.05c1

This version is an update for the Editor only.

  • Fixed bugs loading and removing overrides for hold footswitches
  • Option to sort override groups in patch order (from the Broswer: press F4, Overrides tab)

Version 5.05c

  • Added page LED flashing
  • Message box explanation in editor for TB-6P and TB-11P models that blue LEDs display pedal position
  • Fixed editor crash when rearranging page order

Version 5.05b

  • Added Axe-FX Block IDs for new Dynamic Distortions 1 & 2 blocks
  • Some editor usability improvements
  • Fixed momentary hold effects were sending an off messages on hold, and not resetting 2nd effect counter

Version 5.05a

  • Added support for Fractal Audio FM3 and FM9 models

Support for the FM3 and FM9 is limited to bugs only - I don't have these and cannot test them with my MFC firmware.

Version 5.05

  • New footswitch command: Patch Reset - This works like selecting the current patch a first time, with effect, stepper & pedal resets, patch messages, etc.
  • Editor has a new Notes tab: You can now save text notes with your settings
  • Custom backtracking settings (set on the Global Defaults tab) are now retained if you de-select them, then go back to use them.
  • Editor inbuilt help now appears as a web page
  • Firmware displays "Saving changes" briefly to confirm saving after pedal calibration/taper changes