GM Arts Version 4 Firmware for BJ Devices MFCs

If you have one of the new Mark II BJ Devices MFCs, use the GM Arts updated version 5 firmware!

Even if you have an original BJ Devices MFC, you will be able to use the GM Arts improved version 5 firmware if you don't use a large number of pages and banks!

Download version 4.06a below for all TB models:

All feedback is welcome:

Version 4.06

Version 4.05

Press the UP button on your MFC to toggle MIDI OUT being sent via the normal DIN socket, or via USB. Read the user guide for instructions on how to receive MIDI via USB on your computer.

Supports the BJ Devices BS-2 dual up/down footswitch connected to a pedal socket:

Stepper (Up/Down) tab changes:

New footswitch functions: Page Up and Page Down.

New option to backtrack to previous patch pedal values.

The Editor's Library now has a [Translate] button to show a description of messages and MFC commands in library books.

Version 4.04a

Support for Axe-FX III functions (Axe-FX III version 1.15 and higher):

New patch footswitch functionality:

Library command changes:

Other changes:

Version 4.03

Firmware changes:

Firmware changes for version v4.03a:

Editor changes:

Editor changes for version 4.03a:

Version 4.02

Firmware changes:

Editor changes:

Version 4.01

Updates in this version: